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Sage Rutty Reveals Heart and Soul to Recruit Talent

The Challenge — Recruiting Top Notch Financial Advisors
Even a highly regarded nearly century-old financial firm like Sage Rutty has difficulty recruiting…

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Prepared for Life — Urban Scouting and POV-Rose Media

What’s Urban Scouting? Essentially the same Boy Scouts of America program you find in the suburbs, but Urban Scouting has an added social value: it helps kids make choices that keep them off the streets, out of gangs, and off drugs. To tell this story…

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What’s Backpack VideoSM and Why Should You Care?

Backpack VideoSM is a cost-effective method of creating engaging mini-documentary stories and short-form, web-friendly videos. Why should you care about on-line video? Consider this from the ComScore 2010 On-Line Video Report Card…

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A Case Study — Sharing Water for Sudan’s Story in the Connected World

Water for Sudan asked us to help them get the word out. And as a non-profit all-volunteer organization, they obviously have limited resources. Like most organizations, they’re asking themselves “How do we get more value out of our marketing communications resources?” To effectively answer …

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Top Five Ways How Not to Tell a Story with Video

So you’re off and running to begin, expand, or revamp your web-video presence. You know whom you want to reach, and what you want to say. You keep hearing about story as being key to effective video. Here are 5 tips on how not to tell your story.

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Top Five Reasons Not to Use Video to Connect in 2011

Okay, so 2011 is the year of video on the web — it’s been taking off now it’s in skyrocket mode. According to YouTube, every day hundreds of millions of people view their videos, and hundreds of thousands of new videos are uploaded daily. Wow! Not only that, but since YouTube is the #2 search engine behind Google, Google has tweaked algorithms to put pages with video higher on search results.

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Story: Connection, Relationship, Life

It’s getting a lot pf play in communications lately — telling your story. It’s really nothing new, though. The medium of choice since Neanderthal times — storytelling. But what’s it about? What’s storytelling mean?

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